Sukhi Wahiwala
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Sukhi Wahiwala is a charismatic and inspiring speaker who carries an air of authority achieved through his lifelong experience of deploying the knowledge he imparts in his talks.

He was schooled in business by his parents, became a millionaire by the age of 21 and a Multi-Millionaire by 25.  As a successful, down to earth Entrepreneur, his qualities, particularly his exceptional interpersonal skills and drive enabled him to build an established business empire.

Since 2006 following a near death experience he has made it his life long mission to transform the lives and business worlds of indivduals and companies, wherever the opportunity to do so may be.

As a keynote speaker and an award winning Mentor, he has a uniquely magnetic personality that naturally gives individuals belief to step out of the "daily grind and brain fuzz" into fun, balanced and exciting lives.

With his warm approachable demeanour, he brings audiences the secrets of how to develop the most valuable skill sets, the effectiveness of which are evident in his track record of success.  He also tailors his hugely inspirational talk to suit the audience by drawing on his knowledge and experience of over 27 different industry sectors.  He has masterminded a unique methodology to create clear step by step Strategic Growth Plans, reshaping the bottom line profit & stability of thousands of companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs.

Sukhi shares his knowledge in his appearances as a "GoTo Person" on British Television and Radio, Educational Interviews and International Keynote Stages, resulting in excellent feedback and testimonials from his clients.

His clients include KPMG, Forbes, British Chamber of Commerce, Slovenska Sporitelna


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