Jim Lawless
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Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless is one of the most popular inspirational speakers in Europe today and the only authority on business change and personal development to have put his life on the line to prove his approach.

In August 2010, to test new Taming Tigers theories around mental toughness, he became Britain’s Deepest Freediver, the first Briton to dive below the magic 100m barrier on a single breath of air.

In 2003, in response to an audience challenge, he proved his Ten Rules for Taming Tigers by becoming a jockey in 12 months. At the outset he was 3 stone (20kg) too heavy and could not ride a horse.

Jim is founder and CEO of Taming Tigers, which works with a wide variety of blue chip clients to establish - and achieve - bold and aligned goals throughout the organisation, high performing teams and long term change in culture, mindset and performance.

Jim was elected a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in 2008 in recognition of his business writing and is the author of the book ‘Taming Tigers’ (Virgin/Random House). He qualified as a solicitor in 1994, working in the City and in a major IT company before founding Taming Tigers (then called “Optimise”) in 1999.

Jim Lawless’ Keynote Presentations

You are in highly experienced hands when you book Jim Lawless. Jim is one of the most inspiring and sought after business speakers in Europe. He consistently delivers inspiring, challenging and hugely entertaining keynote presentations.

Audiences engage with his business experience and insight and the fact that he has personally and successfully tested his theories in business and in high-risk sporting achievements.

Leaders and event organisers are delighted by his attention to detail in hitting the brief, the energy and sparkle he brings to any event, the feedback that they receive from delegates, the practical advice he leaves behind and longevity of the attitude shift that he creates.

Jim delivers keynote presentations to improve:

Inspiration and Motivation;
Inspirational Leadership in Tough Times
Personal Leadership and Accountability;
Teamwork and Change.

What's included - 

  1. A full briefing call and attendance at the venue at least 1 hour before the presentation.

  2. Three copies of Jim's book, Taming Tigers.

  3. A recording of the speech from your event, for every delegate, available via the Taming Tigers App.

  4. Attendance at the break after the keynote, to mix and answer questions.

  5. A credit card sized takeaway detailing the Ten Rules.

  6. The use of the Taming Tigers App to collect anonymous bold commitments from the delegates, connected to the conference theme, which are then shown on the conference room screen whilst Jim is on stage.

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