Catherine Destivelle
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To learn a few things about motivation, you want to speak to Catherine. She's one of the most adventurous and exciting climbers in the world. She's a solo climber, scaling the most difficult and dangerous peaks without safety ropes, support or back-up.

This extraordinarily brave woman is an accomplished speaker in both English and her native French, sometimes arriving to deliver her inspirational presentations in full climbing regalia!  Designed to challenge and focus an audience, her presentations are full of invaluable insights into what “it” is that enables her to achieve her own objectives and take her to limits thought previously impossible.

Her desire to conquer the most challenging mountain faces in the world illustrates her self-belief and determination, driving her to attain her full potential.  Her unbounded enthusiasm is infectious.  Her audiences are enthralled by her amazing achievements and the slides and video images she shares of her breathtaking climbs.

At the age of 25, after a rigorous and intensive training programme, Catherine demonstrated her climbing supremacy by winning a series of high level competitions.  She quickly established an outstanding reputation throughout the climbing fraternity by becoming the first woman to be graded 8, the highest level of difficulty for a climber and a level which only a handful of men have achieved this century.

Catherine began to tire of competition climbing, finding it rather dull and predictable! She craved a greater challenge and devoted her energy to more daring expeditions. She revived the traditional values of alpine climbing, pioneering new, untried routes up the most difficult rock-faces in the world.

In 1990, Catherine climbed the intimidating Trango Tower in Pakistan. The following year she opened a new route up the famous west face of the Drus, in the Mont Blanc mountain range in just 11 days.  In March 1992, she conquered the 3,970 metres of the north face of the Eiger in just 17 hours, alone and unsupported. This was a truly remarkable achievement. Known to be a complex and extremely dangerous climb, it is the most revered in the Alps and is used as a reference point for every ambitious and daring alpine climber.

Catherine was the first woman to attempt this extremely dangerous climb unsupported. Her triumph firmly establishing her as one of the greatest climbers in the world, removing any unanswered questions about female “inferiority” in climbing.

A truly inspirational speaker, Catherine is in ever-greater demand to inform, develop and delight conference audiences all over the world.

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