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Former United States Most Wanted, Brett Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as “The Original Internet Godfather” has been a central figure in the cybercrime world for over 20 years. Mr. Johnson built and was the leader of ShadowCrew, the precursor to today’s darknet markets. He was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud while helping design, implement, and refine modern Identity Theft, Account Take Over Fraud, Card Not Present Fraud, IRS Tax Fraud, and countless other social engineering attacks, breaches, and hacking operations.

Upon his capture, the United States Secret Service hired Mr. Johnson to work as a consultant and informant. Johnson worked with the Secret Service for several months before going on a cross-country crime spree, being placed on the US Most Wanted List, being captured again, sent to prison, escaping prison, being captured yet again, and finally accepting responsibility for his actions.

Today, Brett works as a security consultant and public speaker. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on cybercrime and identity theft.  During 2017, Mr. Johnson was Keynote Speaker at over 30 conferences worldwide. Brett has been featured in the book, "Kingpin" by Kevin Poulsen and on numerous media outlets, including the New York Times, NBC, CNN Money, Wired Magazine, Vice, RT TV, ArsTechnica, The Independent, and more.


Jim O'Brien Cybersecurity Strategist, vCISO, "Honestly, most entertaining presentation with rock solid content I've ever seen."

Phil Perkins, Events Manager Prysm Media Group "Brett Johnson will deliver the best presentation I guarantee. After attending his seminar in London, I would love to be there!! Well worth attending."

Chris Wright, Claims Fraud Investigator at Commercial Legal & OCL, "Great delivery Brett... I have little doubt that you could add stand-up to your list of talents if you wanted to."

Michael Delaney, Connecticut ACFE President, "I would highly recommend Brett Johnson as a speaker for any program dealing with cyber security
and or cyber fraud. He was a great speaker and our conference attendees left having a greater understanding of how to protect themselves and their clients from cyber fraud."

List of Clients/ Major Events Spoken At:

FBI  (Speaker/ Consultant)

Microsoft  (Speaker/ Consultant)

AARP  (Speaker/ Consultant)

LexisNexis (Consultant)  (Consultant)

Owl Security (Consultant)

Toolcase (Speaker/ Consultant)

Fanfare Global (Consultant/ Chief Security Advisor)

TransUnion (Consultant)

National Commerce Bank (Speaker)

Identity Guard  (Speaker/ Consultant)

IDology (Speaker/ Consultant)

NextCaller  (Speaker/ Consultant)

Emailage  (Speaker/ Consultant) (Multi events)

Sift Science  (Speaker)

Digital Shadows  (Speaker/ Consultant)

TED Talk  (Speaker)

ACFE  (Speaker)

Internet Security Media Group (ISMG) Fraud and Breach Prevention
Summit Dallas  (Speaker for multiple events)

LegalEx 2018, London  (Speaker) (

Future of Cybersecurity Europe 2018, London  (Speaker)

CNP Expo, Orlando  (Speaker/ Consultant) (Multi Events)

BBWest Cybersecurity in Community Banking Conference  (Speaker)  (Multi Events)

TIB Bank  (Speaker) (Multi Events)

Midwest Acquirers Association, 2018  (Speaker)

ISSA  (Speaker)

ISACA  (Speaker)

Identity Theft Resource Council  (Consultant)

DePaul University  (Speaker)

CSU Long Beach  (Speaker)

University of Hull  (Speaker)

University of Tulsa  (Speaker)

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