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The 2012 Inspire South Pole Project

27 June 2010

The 2012 Inspire South Pole Project

The 'Inspire' Project will see three British Olympic athletes skiing to the South Pole in 2012.

Celebrating the spirit of the Olympic Games, the project aims to reinforce the London 2012
messages of inclusion and participation by having an Olympian, Paralympian and Special Olympics
Athlete work side-by-side in a testing environment.

Derek Redmond is the team's Olympian, one of Britain's greatest ever 400-metre sprinters. Derek
famously snapped his hamstring in the Barcelona 1992 semi-final, struggled to his feet and hobbled
to the finish line in one of the most enduring scenes of the modern Olympics.

The Paralympian on the team is Marc Woods who had his left leg amputated because of cancer
when he was 17. The day after he had his stitches out he was back in the swimming pool and has
since won twelve Paralympic medals (four gold) from five Games,

Representation for the Special Olympics comes from footballer Declan Kerry who was recently
made Most Consistent Performer 2009 for the Special Olympics Ellesmere Port & Neston Football
Team. Dec has been selected for the 2011 World Games in Athens.

The expedition departs in December 2011 for a month's hard slog across Antarctica where the
athletes will be pulling all of the necessary supplies and equipment to reach the South Pole in 2012.
The trio will be supported by polar adventurer Rosie Stancer who has skied to both Poles and broke
the speed record for reaching the South Pole solo and unsupported; and the project is managed by
expedition organiser Tim Moss who runs adventure company The Next Challenge.

As well as working hard to transform enthusiastic athletes into hardened polar explorers, the project
is also looking for sponsors.

Read more at, or call Tim Moss on 07734 862 390.