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President Obama inspired by Derek Redmond

17 September 2009

President Obama inspired by Derek Redmond

On 16th September President Obama gave a speech at the White House to support Chacago's Olympic Bid for 2016.  He cited Derek Redmond as one of the examples of why the Olympics are so important to the USA.  Derek continues to be a very popular sports personality and motivational speaker at home and in America.  Click here to view the transcript on Derek's page.

Michelle Obama will head the delegation to Copenhagen on 2nd October to make the final presentation to sway the votes of the Olympic Committee.  2016 is a long way off for Derek as Great Britain focuses on 2012.  In 2008 Derek featured in the VISA Olympic advertising campaign in the USA.  For 2012 we expect Derek to be a popular choice for British and European campaigns.

Enquiries for Derek to speak at Olympic themed, or Olympic related events are already on the increase.

Obama: We want 2016 Olympic Games:


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