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Parliament Reaches New Heights

14 June 2013

Parliament Reaches New Heights

We have always had a policy here at Parliament, to experience first hand (whenever possible) the speakers and acts that we represent.  So it was not suprising when last week Marek (aptly nicknamed Maverick as a boy) took off up to Northamptonshire to witness The Blades in action.

Marek soared 2000 ft up with what seemed like a paper thin margin between each plane, spectactators on the ground witnessed the spectacular display of twists, dives, barrel rolls and "tumbles" through the smoke trailed skies.  Each plane flew with precision and perfect harmony with the trained Red Arrow pilots showcasing the level of skill and accuracy that years of flying have provided them with.

For once Marek was left speechless (a rarity in this business) but once he was taken quite literally back down to earth found his voice, (and had removed the coat hanger that seemed to have found its way into his mouth) the verdict was "INCREDIBLE"!

Whether it be for a corporate event, a product launch, a conference or a team incentive, The Blades will succeed in providing an unparalleled, truly unique experience delivered with the highest level of customer care.