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Joe Simpson - Official Agent - 'The Sound of Gravity'

20 September 2011

Joe Simpson - Official Agent - 'The Sound of Gravity'









The Sound of Gravity - A Novel

After several highly successful autobiographical books since Touching the Void, Joe Simpson has written an incredible novel entitled “The Sound of Gravity”.  A harrowing, dramatic and powerful tale of love, loss and redemption, as a haunting, split-second memory changes the course of a lifetime, with twists and turns that surprise and shock the reader.  This literary masterpiece was published on 29th September 2011.

Joe Simpson uses his extensive mountaineering experience to create an authentic romantic adventure story set in the Alps. The Sound of Gravity. Not for the faint-hearted.

The Sound of Gravity is one of 5 shortlisted for the acclaimed Boardman Tasker Prize 2011.

Please call Karen, on 01202 242424, to place your order.  The price is £16.99 with FREE P&P.

To learn more about Joe Simpson's corporate keynote speeches, please follow this link.